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City officials offended by DUD letter
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Officials at city hall had a chance to discuss the recent letter from DUD at Monday evening’s regular meeting of the mayor and board of aldermen, and they had a few comments of their own on the subject.City Attorney Parsley said he found the missive personally offensive.“Hunter (Hendrixson) and I received a letter from the chairman of DUD and Mr. Jon Foutch which implied that we have not been informing the board correctly about issues involved with DUD and I certainly take a little offense at that,” Parsley told the board.Parsley contended that he and the city secretary-treasurer have kept the mayor and aldermen thoroughly informed in the matter.“If anyone here on the board ever needs to talk to me about the DUD or any other subject they know my line is always open, and my office is always open.” Parsley noted. “I will be willing to talk to you any time, and I’m sure Hunter would say the same.”Alderman Danny Washer also spoke up in support of Parsley and Hendrixson.“I was really disturbed at the way they talked about you and Hunter,” Washer told the city attorney.