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City passes budget on first reading
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Oscar Boyd and Wanda Poss presented Smithville aldermen with a plaque of appreciation on behalf of the senior citizens of Dekalb County for their record of exemplary service to the areas seniors. Shown from left are, Steve White, Cecil Burger, Mayor Taft Hendrixson, Boyd, Poss, W.J. White, Shawn Jacobs, and Aaron Meeks. - photo by Photo by Reed Vanderpool
The Smithville City Council voted Monday night to adopt a new budget on first reading for the 2011-12 fiscal year.A public hearing will be held prior to second reading of the proposed budget at the next regular meeting if the council on June 20. The $6,113,511 budget calls for no increases in water or sewer rates, as the new certified property tax rate is projected to generate about the same local revenues as the current tax rate of .6194 cents per one hundred dollars of assessed value.City property tax generates approximately $790,000 a year in Smithville.Smithville water customers will continue to pay $5.00 for the first one thousand gallons of water usage plus $5.00 for each additional one thousand gallons.Rates outside the city are $7.50 for the first one thousand gallons plus $7.50 for each additional one thousand gallons.City sewer customers will continue to pay $5.00 for the first one thousand gallons plus $5.00 for each additional thousand gallons under the new budget.Sewer customers will continue to pay the $3.62 per month flat rate usage feeThe rate DeKalb Utility District is being charged for water is now $1.95 per thousand gallons, but will increase to $2.00 beginning January 1, 2012.Water tap fees for customers inside the city limits are $600 for a three quarter inch water line, while customers outside the city limits pay $800.Sewer tap fees are $600 for a four inch sewer line inside the city, and $800 for customers outside the city limits.If larger lines are required, fees will continue to be cost plus 10 percent.The proposed budget also calls for city employees with up to four years of service to get automatic step pay increases as defined in the wage scale, and a cost of living increase of three percent.City employees with more than four years of service who have topped out on the wage scale would only get the cost of living increase.Proposed capital outlay expenditures in the general fund for the new year come to $256,000, including $25,000 for Financial Administration, $5,000 for Parks and Recreation, $5,000 to pave a basketball court, $15,000 for a 1.5 mile walking trail at airport park, $5,000 for a fence, and $25,000 for a storage building for Public Works, $25,000 for upkeep of City Hall.Fire Protection is budgeted $36,000 for turnout equipment and $10,000 for a used vehicle, the Street Department gets $10,000 for downtown beautification and $10,000 for upkeep.The City Police Department is budgeted $40,000, and the municipal pool has $15,000 for the year. The golf course has $5,000 in the budget, the Airport $25,000, the animal shelter $5,000, the sanitation fund gets $5,000, and the drug fund is budgeted at $10,000.Proposed water and sewer fund fixed asset additions include an automatic meter readers project, budgeted for $360,000, an update of water plant and engineering fees for $150,000 and a used mini excavator is included at $15,000.