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City police arrest man for selling pills
Randy Caplinger w sm
A local man was charged by the Smithville Police Department with sale and delivery of a Schedule II drug on July 16, and again for sale and delivery of Schedule II and IV drugs on July 23.David B. Cook, 50, received the first charge after allegedly selling four pills believed to be Klonipin to a confidential source working for the police department on July 16.According to Police Chief Randy Caplinger, the pills were sold from Cook’s vehicle, a 1983 Camaro, which was seized by the police department.Then after police again purchased four more pills through a confidential informant, a search warrant was served at Cook’s Andrews Street home.While at the residence, officers allegedly found four pills believed to be Hydrocodone wrapped in foil in his right front pants pocket.Police said he admitted that he had placed pills in a package for someone to buy.His court date is Aug 16, and his bonds total $13,080. John Brent Williams, 31, was charged with aggravated assault on July 21. Caplinger said that an officer dispatched to South Mountain Street to investigate a report of domestic violence spoke to a woman who said her boyfriend had strangled her and pushed her against a wall, leaving red marks on her neck and bruises on her upper arm.Williams allegedly threatened to kill the woman.He is under a $5,000 bond, and his court date is Aug. 9.Wendy Driver Humphrey, 40, was cited for shoplifting on July 22.She allegedly concealed items in her purse at a local business.The items were recovered, and she will be in court Aug. 2.Christina Johnson and Jason Knowles were cited for criminal trespassing on july 27 when they were found at a residence at the housing authority on Restview Avenue.They had both reportedly been served with a notice that they were not allowed on the property.They will be in court Aug. 30.Crystal King was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia on July 24.Caplinger said King was a passenger in a car pulled over for a traffic violation.The officer reportedly received consent to search, and King told him she had two used hypodermic needles.The chief said she gave the needles up willingly, and admitted she had used them to inject illegal substances.