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City taking closer look at unsightly properties
trashy houses Gayla Hendrix and Josh Miller
Duane Sherrill photo Alderman Gayla Hendrix examines a photo and then hands it Alderman Josh Miller for inspection. The photo was provided during the city board meeting by an irritated citizen who said she is tired of living by neighbors who will not maintain their property. The board of mayor and aldermen has pledged to vigorously enforce the citys unsightly property ordinance. The city sent out notices this past week and may issue citations to violators.
Residents who junk up their property can expect to hear a knock on their door soon as the city board of mayor and aldermen has ordered a crackdown on unsightly properties in Smithville. “We just aren’t enforcing the ordinance,” declared Alderman Gayla Hendrix as she look at a picture provided by a local resident who came before the board, stating she was tired of her neighbors not maintaining their yard. The city has an ordinance regarding unkempt property but aldermen agreed during their recent meeting that it was not being vigorously enforced.“People are fed up with it,” said Alderman Danny Washer.