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City voters elect two new aldermen
Jacobs re-elected
Danny Washer.jpg
In an abysmal turnout for the city election, 538 total voters out of more than 2,800 registered active voters came out to cast ballots for the three contested alderman positions.Ballots cast early or by absentee added up to 350 votes.Only 188 people turned out to vote at the county courthouse yesterday on election day.Two new aldermen were elected to the council, however, with challengers Danny Washer and Gayla Hendrix joining incumbent Shawn Jacobs in victory at the polls.Washer gathered 290 total votes to easily win his seat on the council, and Jacobs had 249 ballots cast in his favor.Hendrix barely edged W.J, (Dub) White out of office, aquiring two more total votes, with White receiving 209 votes compared to 211 for Hendrix.Aaron Meeks received 165 total votes, with 57 coming on election day, and 108 early or absentee votes cast for the incumbent alderman.White received 67 election day votes, and had 142 early or absentee ballots cast for him.Cordell Walker received 64 votes yesterday at the polls, and 145 combined early and absentee votes.Washer received 112 election day votes, and 178 early and absentee ballots.Jacobs had 102 ballots cast for him on election day, and 147 early or absentee votes.Hendrix enjoyed 70 election day votes, while 141 peolpe cast early or absentee ballots for her.A special session of the city council will be held on Thursday, June 30, at 6 p.m. inside City Hall to swear the new aldermen in.