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Citys numbers wrong on water loss
Problem not as bad as miscalculation made it seem
Water Meter w sm
A miscalculation by the manager of the city water plant that brought a Nashville TV station to town last week looking for a story will not change the fact that city officials must soon decide whether to hire a firm to find Smithville’s water leaks or buy the equipment themselves.In his monthly report to the mayor and board of aldermen last week, Todd Bowman, supervisor of the city’s water treatment plant, informed the city council that the recent repair of a major leak has not stopped water loss.“Theoretically each month, you should pump about the same amount of water and you should meter out the same amount unless you have new businesses or industries come in,” he said.“If you look at November 2011, you can see the amount of water was at 47.9 million gallons. In November 2012 is was 49.7 million gallons. That's when I noticed we had a leak,” Bowman continued.