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Commision opposes Caney Fork restrictions
mike foster 069
The county commission passed a resolution Monday night to recommend that no restriction be placed on boating the Caney Fork River.A meeting is to be held on Sept. 28 at the TWRA Region II office in Nashville to discuss issues with the river, and a group of Davidson County fly fishermen is expected to suggest that canoes and kayaks be restricted if not banned on the river.County Mayor Mike Foster, a former TWRA agent, made it clear at the regular meeting of the commission Monday that he opposes any regulation or zoning on the river that favors one party over another.“We apparently have some fly fishermen out of Nashville who want to ban kayakers and canoers from going down a public stream so they can fly fish,” the mayor said. “We are not opposed to fly fishermen, we are not opposed to canoers, we feel like there’s room on the river for everybody.”Foster told the commission that the county benefits from tourism dollars generated by many different groups, and that although the resolution carries no legal weight, he feels that the commission should make its wishes known.“Because of the possible impact on our tourism dollars, we have drafted this resolution,” Foster informed the assembly. “This is a non-binding resolution.