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Commission puts brakes on speed limit request
Ragland Bottom Road resident Jeremy Colwell was dissappointed in the county commission's decision not to lower the speed limit down from 55 mph.
The County Commission rejected another request to regulate and post a 35 mph speed limit on Ragland Bottom Road during its Aug. 28 meeting.The latest rejection by the board comes after commissioners Jerry Adcock and Anita Puckett offered and seconded the motion, after residents in the 5th District put forth a signed petition in hopes the commission would finally agree to lower the limit from an unmarked county road - currently 55 mph if no signs posted - to a limit that could be enforced and would become law.A voice-vote found little support for the request, and it failed to pass. Comments during discussion of the matter seemed to favor not regulating the road due to the fact the county doesn't have the resources to enforce it.“My worry is that it gives the residents a false sense of security because there is not enough (law enforcement) manpower to patrol it. We could probably bankrupt the county trying to put signs up (everywhere) and while they would hold weight because we voted on them, unless the sheriff saw somebody speeding nothing would ever get solved,” said 3rd District Commissioner Jack Barton.Residents of Ragland Bottom Road who signed the petition feel the commission isn't looking out for their best interest and feel it isn't a case of just any county road, but Ragland Bottom is a lake-access road with increased traffic flow.As for a false sense of security, Ragland Bottom resident Jeremy Colwell, who spear-headed the peition, felt personally offended by the remark and thought it reflected a thought process that the county commission thought its Ragland Bottom residents were of below-average intelligence."We know it will not solve the problem and do they think we're stupid?"