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Commission tables SRO talks
mike foster w sm
While some county commissioners felt that the commission should vote Monday night on the subject of hiring more school resource officers in the county school system, the move was tabled to allow time to study the situation further.Commissioner Jack Barton of the 2nd District made the motion to vote on including SROs for the four DeKalb County schools who do not have them, and 4th District commissioner David McDowell seconded the motion.While the county budget committee normally considers all funding matters then makes a decision on their inclusion in the budget brought before the entire commission, Barton requested that commissioners vote to approve the hiring of the SROs, then direct the budget committee to find a way to fund them. “ This subject matter is a very grave one, because I know as a parent I want to make sure we, as a legislative body, have done everything we can to protect our children, secure our schools, and develop a bond of trust between our children and law enforcement officials who would serve as their resource officers,” Barton told the assembly.While Sheriff Patrick Ray recently told the mayor and commissioners that the additional officers would cost nearly $250,000 the first year, he said that after the initial investment in equipment and vehicles the cost would drop to less than $150,000.County Mayor Mike Foster wanted to know where the additional funds would come from.“If you approve hiring them you've got to fund them. How do you propose to fund them?” Foster inquired.“We know how much SROs are going to cost.