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Coordinated School Health program strives to keep students fed
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Not only could you find your usual quality fare at the Farmer’s Market recently, but the annual DeKalb County Coordinated School Health Backpack Program was selling artwork donated by local artists to raise money for hungry children.“One hundred percent of all the money we raise here goes to the kids in the way of food,” said Cindy Childress, program coordinator.According to Tennessee Coordinated School Health, DeKalb County Schools have approximately seven percent of the total school population that goes hungry on a regular basis, with meals provided at school being their main source of food. Coordinated School Health began feeding children over six years ago, beginning with long weekends and holidays until they were challenged to feed them every week. Through generous donations from individuals, churches, civic organizations and grants the Backpack Program has increased its ability to feed more children for longer periods.Funding is not always consistent, not does it allow the program to continue feeding throughout the summer break.