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County budget adopted
Four new School Resource Officers planned
mike foster w sm
The county commission voted 9-4 last week to adopt the 2013-14 consolidated budget, which included funds for School Resource Officers for all five DeKalb County schools.The new spending plan voted in at last Tuesday’s commission meeting includes funding for four new SROs at DeKalb Middle, DeKalb West, Smithville Elementary and Northside Elementary schools.A resource officer has already been in place at DCHS for several years.The salaries and benefits of two of the additional resource officers will be paid from the county general budget.The two remaining SROs will be funded from the school budget.The new officers’ equipment and training will be pulled from the county general budget, and four used patrol cars for the SROs will be paid for out of the county general budget’s capital projects fund.The officers will be hired by the sheriff’s department.The new resource officers are expected to take their posts at the four school as soon as they have completed the necessary training.Commissioners also voted 12-1 to leave the property tax rate at $1.62 per $100 of assessed value for the 2013-14 fiscal year.Step-wage scales adopted for full-time employees of the sheriff's department and full-time county general employees over the last two years apparently took care of any pay-raise issues, as none are budgeted.Officials have said a wage scale will be developed this year for full-time employees of the ambulance service as well. County Mayor Mike Foster said a budget amendment will be necessary to fund a planned solid-waste transfer station.“We already have funding in place for it, Foster said. “We have saved money through the years to build it but we don't have it in there yet because we don't have an engineer report on it.“We will do a budget amendment to the enterprise fund.