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County complex to get license renewal kiosk
A self-service kiosk at the new county complex will soon enable DeKalb County residents to renew drivers licenses and get a photo ID at the county complex, and the county clerk has signed a contract to allow him to produce duplicate titles in the office.County Clerk Mike Clayborn said at last week’s county commission meeting that his two-year effort to obtain a contract with the state to print duplicate titles in his office has come to fruition.Clayborn said state officials contacted him recently with a proposal for a contract to print duplicate titles, and that the plan includes the possibility of new titles being printed in house in the future.“They wanted to include in my contract that I would do new titles, which incurs a whole lot more paperwork,” Clayborn said. “I told them to go ahead and include it because I don't have to just automatically go into doing them.”He said the duplicate-title program will give his office the opportunity to work the bugs out of the system before new titles, which involve significantly more paperwork, are printed.“We can kind of feel our way through the duplicates, learn how to do them and then step up, but when we step up, it’s going to require more people. I'll need your backing to do that,” Clayborn told the commission.