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County Historian to discuss Fish on the Steeple for upcoming DeKalb Animal Coalition benefit
Set for May 30
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Smithville Review/Reed Vanderpool County Historian Tommy Webb will discuss a 1935 book written by DeKalb County Native Ed Bell for charity.


DeKalb County Historian Tommy Webb will present a program on the book "Fish on the Steeple" on May 30 at 7 p.m. at the DeKalb County Complex. The event will benefit the DeKalb Animal Coalition.


The book was written by Smithville Native Ed Bell in 1935, and scandalized the community by its uncomplimentary portrayal of many of the Smithville's most prominent citizens. The fact that Bell's book got favorable reviews in the New York Times did nothing to soothe the feelings of the people upon whom its characters were based.


This is your opportunity to learn what created all the stir.


Webb, the world's foremost expert on the works of Ed Bell, will give a brief synopsis of "Fish on the Steeple," will reveal who the book's characters represented in real life, and will tell why the book was forbidden reading in some circles.


He will also present a fascinating "walk" through Smithville as it appeared at the time. Webb will take questions from the audience at the conclusion of the program.


For everyone who is interested in local history, this should be a fascinating evening.


Tickets will cost $10, and refreshments will be available for purchase. All proceeds will benefit the DeKalb Animal Coalition. The DAC, a tax-deductible, volunteer community organization, is joining with the city and county in an effort to build a much-needed animal shelter.