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County joins talk on dog pound
mike foster w sm
County Mayor Mike Foster and the county commission met with members of the Joe Black Effort Thursday night at the county complex to discuss the state of the local animal shelter.The Joe Black Effort is a “no-kill” rescue run by a volunteer conglomerate of local people who place abandoned animals in foster homes until permanent homes can be found.The organization is in the process of fiIing for 501(c)3 status as a non-profit.The Effort is run on a strictly volunteer basis.Joe Black representative Rene Stufano came before the commission Thursday, asking that a coalition be formed to address the county’s animal problem.“From our standpoint it isn't Smithville's problem. It's a county problem,” Stufano told the assembly.“I think it’s important to come up with some kind of agreement with the county, with the city of Smithville, with the city of Alexandria, and with Dowelltown and Liberty,” she continued. “The way I see it right now, everything is being dumped on the Smithville pound, which is a little closet, disgusting building with nothing good to say about it,” Stufano shared.“I really feel like DeKalb County can do better than that.