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County schools get Data Walls
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The Data Walls at the five DeKalb County schools.
School districts across the nation collect and maintain many forms of educational data.Standardized test scores and average daily-attendance figures are just two regular points of data collected. In April each DeKalb County School will be displaying a new Data Wall.This will provide the community, parents, teachers, and students with an image of past and present data, as well as projected goals for future data that will be collected.Much research and evidence now exist indicating why school leaders must become familiar with and use existing school data to make sound educational decisions about teaching and learning.These walls will help each school analyze and identify gaps in performance while producing rich data discussions. This will allow DeKalb County to be proactive rather than reactive in school improvement efforts.Administrators and teachers are monitoring student progress to ensure that all students are successful in attaining state and district goals.Visitors to local schools will see these Data Walls located near each office area.