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County tables beer
Commission to study changes in sales hours
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The Dekalb County Mayor and County Commission voted Monday night to table discussion of any changes to county beer laws until a public hearing can be scheduled, and further study can be done on the matter.Foster said he wanted to make sure all sides were heard, and that the progress of the discussion follow all applicable laws.“We want to fulfill the requirements of the law,” Foster said.“We will set a hearing date for that, and advertise a public hearing.”He also said he would like to see how the change in beer hours had affected the city before a decision was made.“We would like to get a couple of months’ history from the city, and see what’s happened there. We don’t want to go into this cold. The newest chapter in the local beer saga began when several county business owners approached the county beer board at a recent meeting to request that the law be changed to allow beer to be sold 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, as the city of Smithville recently did.The business owners asked that the law be changed to “even the playing field,” as some stores in the county have nearby stores inside the city limits whose new sales hours are much more liberal.Beer is still allowed to be sold in the county from 6 a.m.-midnight, with no sales permitted on Sunday.The men were informed that the beer board does not make those decisions, and that they should petition the county commission with their concerns.Then, at an all-committees’ meeting of the commission Thursday night, several businessmen and members of the community who oppose any relaxation of beer ordinances attended to voice their opinions before the board.Jewel Redman, owner of Jewel's Market and Pizza on North Congress Boulevard, addressed the commission, asking that they change the existing statute.“I would like the county commission to consider letting us sell beer on Sunday,” Redman said.