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Cripps to lead Halloween tour to benefit DAC
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This Friday, Oct. 30 the DeKalb Animal Coalition will present a bone-chilling evening of Smithville history, "Smithville’s Unquiet Dead," hosted by local attorney Sarah Cripps, to benefit the coalition.


"For those of you who are interested in true crime, and for those who relish tales of murder at Halloween, we invite everyone to accompany us on a guided walking tour of the City of Smithville. We will learn of heinous and tragic deeds committed in our own sleepy little town," Cripps told the Review.


The tour will visit the scenes where many devilish local deeds occurred, including the hanging of John Presswood, the lynching of Charlie Davis, the murder of Ms. Cannie Smith, and the site of a local saloon where heinous events took place.


"Participants on the tour will be introduced to young John Presswood during the final hour of his earthly journey, and hear of the dastardly acts that led young Presswood to the gallows at age seventeen," Cripps said. "We will witness the unbridled fury of an angry mob fueled by a family’s desire for revenge. This mob lynched the dashing and handsome Charlie Davis by hanging him from a tree."


Cripps said many local atrocities will be revisited on the tour.


"We will learn of the murders committed in our local saloon," she shared. "You will meet Ms. Cannie Smith and learn of her murder and the grisly attempts by her assailant to dispose of her body and cover up his crime. We will learn the details of several of Smithville’s notorious unsolved murders, including that of Cannie Smith," she shared.


Cripps will share these and other true stories of local murders motivated by greed, passion, revenge and drugs. The event will begin at the DeKalb Animal Coalition Benefit Store at 110 West Walnut Street at 6 p.m. Friday. Admission is $10, and will include a hot dog, drink, and dessert.


The event is not suitable for children under the age of 12. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the DeKalb Animal Coalition to fund the construction of a new animal shelter.