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Dead cell phone lands woman in jail
Another man arrested in battery thefts
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A 48-year-old Nashville woman was taken into custody and charged with vandalism and criminal trespassing after what allegedly began as a door-to-door trip to try and find a place to recharge her cell phone on August 28.Ray reports that a deputy was dispatched to the Cookeville Highway area to investigate reports of a suspicious person who was allegedly going from house to house, knocking on doors.When no one answered the door at two of the homes, the woman, later identified as Lori Janette Todd, reportedly attempted to enter vehicles parked in the driveway.In one instance, a man reportedly witnessed the woman attempt to get into his automobile.Deputies say the man called for Todd to get away from his vehicle and to leave the premises.The woman did leave, reportedly going to another house, where again she tried to enter an automobile.As she opened the car door, it allegedly struck a small trailer next to the vehicle, putting a dent in the door of the vehicle.When approached by the deputy, Todd reportedly said that she was trying to find a place to plug in her cell phone to re-charge it.Todd is under a $4,000 bond and she will be in court on the charges on Sept. 1.In the meantime, 28-year-old Dowelltown woman has been arrested by the DeKalb County Sheriff’s department and charged with aggravated burglary and theft over $1,000 in a Banks Pisgah Road robbery.Tiffany Rena Greer is under a $22,500 bond after being arrested on August 29.She will be in court on Oct. 13According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, Greer was charged with breaking into a Banks Pisgah Road residence through a locked back door on August 19.She is accused of stealing several items from the home, including two saddles and bags, women’s clothing, men’s tennis shoes, camouflage boots, a Coleman cook set, a bottle of rum, and several articles of camouflaged hunting clothing, with a total value of $3,110.The sheriff reports that most of the stolen property has been recovered.In the meantime, a man has been arrested as a co-defendant in another recent theft investigation by the Sheriff's Department.In other news from the sheriff, Shane Nerod Miller of Alexandria was recently arrested by the sheriff's department and charged with the theft of batteries from the same residence on three different occasions.It is further alleged that he sold them at a local recycling center.The sheriff reports that 36-year-old Keith Gordon Saliski, a homeless man who has been staying in the Alexandria area, has also been arrested in the cases.Saliski and Miller are each charged with three counts of theft of property under $500.Miller was was taken into custody two weeks ago after an investigation by a Sheriff's Department detective assigned to the case.Saliski was picked up last Wednesday.Bond for each man totals $3,000 and they will be in court on October 13.According to Ray, Miller and Saliski went to the same home on Hales Lane in Alexandria on August 2, 4, and 8, and allegedly stole several batteries valued at less than $500 on each trip.The two men then allegedly took the batteries to a local recycler and sold them.The batteries taken to the recycler reportedly weighed 816 pounds on the first trip, 503 pounds on the second, and 405 pounds on the last visit.