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DeKalb meets Pody
New 46th District representative introduced
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PODY - photo by Photo by: Reed Vanderpool
DeKalb County’s recent split into two districts brings a new state representative for some in the southern portion of the county.Mark Pody (R) of Lebanon will now represent the section of DeKalb recently placed into the 46th District.Pody's newly drawn district covers most of the southern third of the county, but stretches at one point almost into downtown Smithville, and includes most of the 7th District and all of the 6th District, as well as parts of the 2nd and 5th Districts.Terri Lynn Weaver will remain representative for the remainder of DeKalb County.Pody's district will also include all of Cannon County and a large part of Wilson County.Pody was elected in 2010, and is a business owner, with an insurance office in Knoxville and one in Murfreesboro.Pody was born April 23, 1956, in Spokane, Washington, but has been a Tennessee resident for more than 20 years.He is married with two children, and is a member of the House Commerce Committee and the House Consumer & Employee Affairs Committee.In a recent trip to Smithville, Pody stressed his conservative leanings and voiced his belief in states’ rights, as well as making clear his religious beliefs.“I am a Christian,” Pody said. “I am a conservative, especially when it comes to money, and this means your money.“No matter what, I know it is your money,” he continued, “and whatever programs there are, no matter how good, no matter how nice, we don’t need to spend more of your money. I believe that we have to be better stewards of what you have already given us.“I am a constitutionalist.