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Democratic primary set for March
Dennis Stanley w sm
The DeKalb County Democratic Primary will be held in conjunction with next year’s Presidential Preference Primary with one county-wide and seven district races also on the ballot.The local election commission voted Thursday night to accept the request by the local Democratic Party to hold its county primary in conjunction with the March 6 Presidential Preference Primary.At that time, the party will select its nominees for Assessor of Property and constables for all seven districts.“Now that the election has been called, petitions can be picked up for all of the offices on the March ballot,” said Dennis Stanley, Administrator of Elections.The qualifying deadline is noon, Dec. 8.“It was brought to our attention by the election commission that if the local democratic primary was held on the same day as the presidential primary then the state would pay for the majority of election,” DeKalb county Democratic Party Chairman Jim Judkins told the Review.“We eagerly embraced their suggestion because it cuts out wasteful spending and saves the taxpayers of this county hard earned tax dollars.”The same qualifying deadline will apply to the Republican Party nominees (chosen by caucus) and independent candidates.Stanley noted there are special circumstances relating to the petitions for constable.“Any petition we issue for constable will be subject to the adoption of a reapportionment resolution by the DeKalb County Commission designating the county district lines based upon the 2010 census population,” Stanley said.“The petition may become invalid upon the adoption of reapportionment and an new petition may be required to gain access to the ballot. It is the responsibility of the person in whose name the petition has been issued to verify the validity of his/her petition after the reapportionment resolution has been adopted.”