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Dems to hold Mass Meeting
Election commission issues 30 petitions
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The DeKalb County Democratic Party Mass Meeting will be held Saturday at 10.00 a.m. at the DeKalb County High School Cafeteria.Several candidates are expected to announce their intention to seek offices, and officials expect State Representative Gloria Johnson of Knoxville to attend. In other election news, the DeKalb County Election Commission has issued twenty nine petitions as of Monday.The potential candidates include:•Jennifer Winfree (R) for state executive committeewoman.•Michael Clayborn (D) for county clerk.•James L. "Jimmy" Poss (D) for county clerk.•Jeffrey McMillen (D) for register of deeds.•James "Jimmy" Sprague (D) for road supervisor•Shane Walker (D) for road supervisor.•Katherine Pack (D) for circuit court clerk.•Bratten H. Cook, II (D) for general sessions judge.•Margie Rigsby Miller (D) for general sessions judge.•Michael Agee (D) for Sheriff.•Larry Flair, Sr. (I) for Sheriff.•Kenneth Clayborn (D) for first district county commissioner.•Elmer Ellis, Jr. (D) for first district county commissioner.•Bennett Armstrong (D) for first district county commissioner.•Jerry Hutchins, Jr. (D) for second district county commissioner.•Bradley Hendrix (D) for third district county commissioner.•Bobby Taylor (D) for fourth district county commissioner.•Wayne Cantrell (D) for fourth district county commissioner.•David McDowell (D) for fourth district county commissioner.•Anita Puckett (D) for fifth district county commissioner.•Rick Cantrell (D) for fifth district county commissioner.•Betty Atnip (D) for sixth district county commissioner.•Jeff Barnes (D) for sixth district county commissioner.•Marshall Ferrell (D) for sixth district county commissioner.•Danny McGinnis (I) for sixth district county commissioner.•Kevin Robinson (D) for seventh district county commissioner.•Larry Summers (D) for seventh district county commissioner.•Jonathan Low (I) for seconnn district constable.•Travis Bryant (I) for third district constable.•Tony Lawson (I) for second district constable.The qualifying deadline is at noon on Feb. 20.