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Deputy catches three Davidson County men in commission of local burglary
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While conducting a routine nightly patrol of local businesses on June 1, a Sheriff's Department deputy reportedly caught three men from Davidson County in the act of committing a burglary and theft at Center Hill Sports Marine on Sparta Highway.According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, 20-year-old Dainier Vasquez Hernandez of Madison, 28-year-old Davier Negron Nashville and 28-year-old Lisyander Morales of Nashville all face charges of possession of burglary tools, vandalism, theft of property over $1,000, and burglary.Ray said the trio entered the property by cutting through a fence.Once they had broken in, the three men allegedly boarded several boats and removed some of their contents.The bolt cutters used to cut the fence were allegedly found at the scene.Inside the white Chevrolet Suburban the men arrived in, the deputy allegedly found various tools including a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, and binoculars.Among items stolen from the boats were 16 life jackets, two tubes, a knee board, two fire extinguishers, and ropes.The total estimated value of these items is $1,240.According to the deputy's report, he discovered the crime while conducting his nightly business checks.While checking the location, the officer allegedly saw someone inside the gated area carrying a tube designed to be pulled behind a boat.The man reportedly waved at the officer, then dropped the tube.The deputy also saw life jackets piled up outside the fence, and noticed that the fence had been cut.The Suburban was reportedly parked across the road, and the officer heard people nearby running into the woods.More life jackets were found at the vehicle.After a search of the area, the deputy allegedly saw one of the suspects in the woods near the Suburban.The two other men were later taken into custody while walking along Sparta Highway.Bond for each is $16,500 and they will be in court on June 21.According to the sheriff, this is an example of how his program of conducting nightly business checks is working.“We do checks on businesses throughout the county on the night shift,” Ray said. “The officers go around and check the doors to make sure they are locked and to make sure nothing around the buildings looks suspicious. It puts a patrol car in the area.