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Driver holds book signing
Author Mickey Driver, left, autographs a copy of The Book of Whispers for Judy Patterson who was a high-school classmate of Driver's. Debbie Driver, right, makes change during the event Thursday at Justin Potter Library.
Justin Potter Library was the backdrop for a book signing of Smithville native Mickey Driver’s first book – as told by Beverly Freeman - “The Book of Whispers” on Thursday.The book tells the story of Driver’s relationship with his son Jake McClain Driver. Jake battled bipolar disorder and tragically took his own life at age 26. It chronicles the extraordinary steps Driver took to help his son overcome the illness, as well as the effect his death had on him.Interwoven throughout the story, we get to experience Jake’s courageous fight with the illness, how he had tremendous talent and intellect and how it affected loved ones in his life, none more so than his father who lets us in on all the hardships, the ups and downs, and Jake’s passion for life as well as his torments.Readers get to share a first-hand account of how bi-polar illness affects sufferers and family members alike with a rare insider’s view of an illness often given lip service at best, or stigmatized at worse.Not only did local readers get to talk with Driver, ask questions and purchase an autographed copy but the entire proceeds went to a good cause, benefitting Smithville’s Haven of Hope.Haven of Hope is a counseling service through First Baptist Church which received a $1,000 donation to from Mickey and his wife Debbie Driver.