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DUD axes city choice
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City officials expressed disapointment Monday night over a letter from DeKalb Utility District Manager Jon Foutch that apparently informed them that DUD officials did not approve of the city’s choice of a firm to do a water-cost study.While the DUD had previously offered to pay for half of the study, the letter indicates that the utility is not willing to pay because they don’t approve of the company the city picked to determine the cost of water.The city chose Warren and Associates, an engineering firm from Lebanon to perform the study.City officials, however, maintain that no discussion of which firm to hire was put forth by the DUD until after a study had already begun.In the Jan. 29 letter Foutch wrote, “DeKalb Utility is not agreeable in sharing the expense of a cost study performed by Warren and Associates as you have proposed. We have been provided no information as to the qualifications experience or background of this entity, especially in the area of a cost study such as this,” Foutch wrote.“I am sure both DUD and Smithville want an accurate and qualified cost study, especially since the city has never had one done before. In an effort to get this process initiated, I would propose using the Jackson-Thorton firm, who has a very solid reputation, and experience in performing this type of study.