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DUI, domestic assault top crime news
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A Murfreesboro woman is in hot water locally after a Feb. 21 traffic stop netted her charges of driving under the influence, simple possession of a Schedule III drug and simple possession of a Schedule IV drug. Melanie Chaffin Herrod, 54, was also cited for violation of the implied consent law. After being pulled over by an deputy who was investigating a complaint of a reckless driver, Herrod allegedly told the lawman that she had just stopped to ask for directions.The deputy reported that Herrod’s speech was very slurred and that she was unsteady on her feet at the time of the stop.She attempted to perform field sobriety tasks, which authorities say she did poorly, and she allegedly appeared to be extremely intoxicated.She reportedly refused to submit to a blood test.According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, the arresting officer could clearly see half a pill believed to be a Vicodine in the vehicle.A search of the car was said to reveal three other half pills and one whole Vicodine pill.A metal box containing eight oval orange pills believed to be Alprazolem was also found in the car.Her bond totals $4,500 and she will be in court March 1.Meanwhile, 28-year-old Gustavo Garcia Sanchez was charged with a second offense of driving on a revoked license after being stop by a deputy on Feb. 20.He was also cited for failure to exercise due care and violation of the financial responsibility law.Sanchez reportedly turned in front of a vehicle on New Home Road, causing it to leave the roadway and crash through a fence.He reportedly told authorities that he did not see the vehicle.Sanchez could not provide proof of insurance, and a computer check revealed his license to be revoked for a DUI.Records show that he was first arrested for driving on a revoked license in Warren County in 2006.He is under a $3,000 bond and his court date is March 1.Kristie Renea Waggoner, 39, of New Home Road was charged with domestic assault on Feb. 22.According to the sheriff, Waggoner assaulted her boyfriend at a residence on New Home Road, slapping his face and leaving bleeding scratch marks.Her bond is $2,500 and she will be in court March 15.Brian Paul Wyer of Lancaster, 28, was charged with public intoxication on Feb. 22 after deputies were dispatched to investigate reports of an intoxicated person on Dale Ridge Road.Officers reportedly found Wyer passed out in the passenger seat of his pickup truck with a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person.Once awakened, deputies said that Wyer could not walk by himself, and was carried to the patrol car.Wyer was taken into custody for his safety.His bond is $1,000 and he will be in court March 1.