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Early voting sets state record
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The state early voting count as of last Wednesday showed that 220,000 Tennesseans had voted early or cast absentee ballots by mail for the Aug. 2 election, setting a record for comparable elections.The total number of people voting early or absentee was 223,281, with three days left in the early voting period.In August 2008, 206,174 Tennesseans voted during the entire early voting period, and 11,267 people cast absentee ballots by mail in that election.“Early voting numbers for comparable elections hit an all-time high – with three days to spare,” Secretary of State Tre Hargett said. “I commend all of those Tennesseans for exercising their right to vote and I encourage all other eligible voters to either cast ballots early or come to the polls on Election Day.”Locally, early voting ended for the August election with a total of 876 casting ballots from July 13-28.The Tennessee Republican Primary saw 373 people voting, while 371 voted in the Tennessee Democratic Primary.July 27, a Friday, boasted the single biggest day of voter turnout in DeKalb County, with 119 people arriving at the polls.Overall voter turnout was up from the local early voting period in August 2008, when 807 people cast early or absentee votes.In August 2010, however, 1,474 people voted early or by absentee ballot.In the local Democratic and Presidential Preference Primary in March only 719 people cast early or absentee ballots.Numbers for early voting for the August primaries are as follows:•Friday, July 13; 70 (68 in person, two absentee, 11 general election, 23 Republican primary, 36 Democratic primary, three Liberty municipal).•Saturday, July 14; 31 (all in person, three general election, 12 Republican primary, 16 Democratic primary).•Monday, July 16; 42 (all in person, two general election, 22 Republican Primary, 18 Democratic Primary, two Liberty Municipal).•Tuesday, July 17; 42 (39 in person, three absentees, six general election, 18 Republican primary, 18 Democratic primary).•Wednesday, July 18; 53 (all in person, 10 general election, 19 Republican primary, 24 Democratic primary).•Thursday, July 19; 55 (53 in person, two absentees, four general election, 19 Republican Primary, 32 Democratic Primary).•Friday, July 20; 37 (34 in person, three absentees, 10 general election, 14 Republican primary; 13 Democratic Primary, one Liberty Municipal).•Saturday, July 21; 43 (all in person, five general election, 12 Republican primary, 26 Democratic primary).•Monday, July 23; 79 (61 in person, 18 absentees, eight general election, 34 Republican primary; 37 Democratic primary, one Liberty Municipal).•Tuesday, July 24; 53 (49 in person, four absentees, seven general election, 29 Republican primary, 18 Democratic primary).•Wednesday, July 25; 73 (62 in person, 11 absentee/paper, 18 general election, 36 Republican primary; 19 Democratic primary, one Dowelltown municipal, three Liberty municipal).•Thursday, July 26; 87 (80 in person, seven absentee, 15 general election, 39 Republican primary, 33 Democratic primary, three Dowelltown Municipal;, one Liberty Municipal.•Friday, July 27; 119 (114 in person, five absentee, 20 general election, 62 Republican primary, 37 Democratic primary, two Dowelltown municipal, two Liberty municipal).•Saturday, July 28; 92 (88 in person, four absentee, 13 general election, 35 Republican primary, 44 Democratic primary, two Liberty municipal).Election day in Tennessee is Aug. 2.All 16 DeKalb County precincts will be open from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m.Voters will be able to vote in the DeKalb County General Election for assessor of property, constable, or school board member regardless of party affiliation.In the state primaries, however, voters must choose between the Republican or Democratic primaries in the races for State Representative, U.S. Representative, and U.S. Senator.In the August race for Assessor of Property, Scott Cantrell will face off against Mason Carter.Two school board seats will be decided, with Kevin Hale challenging W.J. (Dub) Evins III for the 5th District position, and Doug Stephens running unopposed for the 6th District seat.Five constables will be elected, with Wayne Vanderpool in the 3rd District, Paul Cantrell in the 4th, Mark Milam in the 5th, Carl Lee Webb in the 6th and Johnny King in the 7th District all unopposed.Incumbents Terri Lynn Weaver and Mark Pody face no opposition in the Republican primary for State Representative in the 40th and 46th Districts, but Weaver will go up against the winner of the Democratic primary, in which 40th District voters will choose between Wesley Duane Hodges and Sarah Marie Smith.In the race for 6th District Congressman, Diane Black and Lou Ann Zelnick will face off in a hotly contested race, with no opposition from the Democratic Party this fall.In the Republican primary, Incumbent U.S. Senator Bob Corker will be challenged by Fred R. Anderson, Mark Twain Clemens, Brenda S. Lenard and Zach Poskevich.The winner of that contest will square off with the Democratic primary winner in the fall election.Mark E. Clayton, Larry Crim, Gary Gene Davis, Dave Hancock, Park Overall, T.K. Owens and Benjamin roberts will vie for the Democratic nomination in the senatorial race.Election Commissioner Dennis Stanley said that voters in precinct 1-3 who normally cast ballots at Edgar Evins State Park will need to observe a change in venue.“The location where you normally vote (at Edgar Evins) on election day has been moved within the park,” Stanley said. Due to a building issue, the voting location will be at the cabin complex in cabin C-5.Stanley said that signs will be placed in the park to direct voters to the new polling place.“There will be directional signs located throughout the park, including at the intersections,” shared Stanley.If you need more information, contact the DeKalb County election office at (615) 597-4146, or the park manager’s office at (931) 858-2114.Early voting locations by precinct are as follows:•1-1 Sandlin Building,102 Fairgrounds Road, Alexandria.•1-2 Temperance Hall Community Center, 2760 Temperance Hall Road, Liberty.•1-3 Edgar Evins State Park, 1630 Edgar Evins Park Road, Silver Point.•2-1 Liberty Community Center, 140 W. Main Street, Liberty.•2-2 Dowelltown Community Center, 141 Church Street, Dowelltown.•2-3 Snow Hill Community Center, 821 Snow Hill Road, Dowelltown.•3-1 DeKalb Middle School, 1132 West Broad Street, Smithville.•4-1 Cherry Hill Community Center, 138 John Lindsey Road, Silver Point.•4-2 Rock Castle, Austin Bottom Fire Hall, 9430 Goff Ridge Road, Baxter.•4-3 Courthouse, 1 Public Square, Basement Courtroom, Smithville.•5-1 Johnson Chapel Community Center, 1143 Johnson Chapel Road, Sparta.•5-2 County Complex, 732 S. Congress Boulevard.•6-1 Belk Community Center, 483 Wright Bend Road.•6-2 Keltonburg Community Center, 3561 Keltonburg Road.•6-3 Blue Springs Community Center, 3059 Blue Springs Road.•7-1 Church of Christ Annex, 520 Dry Creek Road.Voters are reminded to bring a state- or federally-issued photo ID to vote.Voters who do not present a valid ID at the polls will not be turned away, but will receive a provisional ballot.The voter will need to return to the election commission office within two business days after the election and present a qualifying photo ID in order for the provisional ballot to be counted.Examples of acceptable forms of ID, whether current or expired, include driver licenses, U.S. passports, Department of Safety photo ID cards, U.S. military photo IDs and other state or federal government photo ID cards.College student IDs are not acceptable.