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Early voting to end Thursday
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Early voting in DeKalb County is being held in the basement courtroom of the courthouse on the public square, Smithville.All registered voters are eligible to vote early.Registered voters who will be unable to go to their polling place on Election Day may vote by personal appearance.Voters desiring to vote by personal appearance may go to the DeKalb County Courthouse, sign an application to vote, and cast their vote on a voting machine.The last day to vote early by personal appearance is June 14.The Election Commission does not discriminate on the basis of disability.Call 597-4146 if you have any questions.Early voting results so far are as follows:May 30, 48 votes;May 31, 55 votes (54 in person and 1 absentee);June 1, 45 votes;June 2, 24 votes (20 in person and 4 absentee);June 4, 38 votes;June 5, 40 votes (35 in person and 5 absentee);June 6, 27 votes (26 in person and 1 absentee);June 7, 58 votes (53 in person and 5 absentee);June 8, 23 votes (20 in person and 3 absentee);June 9, 47 votes (27 in person and 20 absentee);June 11, 22 votes (18 in person and 4 absentee).Early voting continues through Thursday, June 14.The polls will be open Wednesday from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. and Thursday from 2 p.m.-6 p.m.