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Election turnout down slighty from 2008
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The final votes have been tallied from last Tuesday’s DeKalb Democratic Primary and Presidential Preference Primary.While the turnout proved to be a bit more than the 2008 primaries on election day, the totals for last week's elections fell short of the 2008 mark.Republican voters cast 1,349 ballots in 2008, and nearly matched that figure this year with 1,349 votes being cast in the hotly contested GOP primary.Democratic Primary voters cast only 793 ballots this year, compared to 3,089 in 2008.Rick Santorum carried DeKalb County with 487 votes and 36.42 percent of the total in the GOP race.Santorum took seven DeKalb County precincts as well early voting and absentees vote totals.Newt Gingrich was not far behind with 30.44 percent and 407 votes, while Mitt Romney brought in 23.64 percent of the ballot with 316 votes.Ron Paul took eight percent of the vote with 107 ballots cast in his favor.On the Democratic ticket, Barack Obama took in 580 votes while running unopposed, and garnered 73.05 percent of the total, while 26.70 percent of voters , or 212 people pulled the lever on “uncommitted” in the primary.In the local property assessor race, challenger Scott Cantrell won the Democratic nomination over four-term incumbent Timothy “Fud” Banks, earning 61.32 percent of the ballot with 764 votes.Banks tallied 392 votes for 31.46 percent, while Bryan Keith took 90 votes and 7.22 percent.Cantrell came out on top in all but four of DeKalb's 16 precincts, carrying 14 precincts as well as capturing early and absentee voting victories.Banks carried two precincts, Cherry Hill and Johnson's Chapel.He tied Keith tied with one vote each at Rock Castle, and no votes were cast for either of the three candidates at Edgar Evins State Park.Banks will remain in office through August 31.Cantrell carried the Alexandria, Liberty, Dowelltown, Temperance Hall, Snow Hill, Church of Christ Annex, Courthouse, County Complex, Belk, Keltonburg, Blue Springs, and Middle School precincts.Cantrell will face Republican nominee Mason Carter in the August General Election.While there were no candidates for constable in the 1st and 2nd Districts, incumbent 3rd District constable candidate Wayne Vanderpool earned 149 votes while running unopposed for the seat, while Paul Cantrell took 133 votes in the 4th District and Mark Milam brought in 128.Both Milam and Cantrell were unopposed incumbents as well.In the 6th District constable contest, Carl Lee Webb earned 128 votes, or 73.99 percent of the total, while 45 ballots were cast for Richard Bullard for 26.01 percent of the total.Webb carried all three precincts 6th district precincts, Belk, Keltonburg and Blue Springs, as well as early and absentee ballots.Incumbent Johnny King, running unopposed in the 7th District, earned 112 votes.Meanwhile, the City of Smithville will elect the mayor and two aldermen on June 19.The seats currently held by Mayor Taft Hendrixson and Aldermen Steve White and Cecil Burger will be up for grabs.Hendrixson and Jimmy Poss have picked up petitions to run for mayor, and Jason Judd Murphy and Scott Davis have picked up petitions for the alderman seat. The qualifying deadline for the city election is at noon on March 15, and the last day to register to vote is May 21.Dowelltown and Liberty will hold elections on August 2.A mayor and two aldermen will be elected in Dowelltown.The mayor’s seat is currently held by Gerald Bailiff, and Aldermen Joe Bogle and Elizabeth Redmon will be up for re-election.Gerald Bailiff has picked up a petition to run for mayor and Joe Bogle has his paperwork to vie for the alderman seat.The qualifying deadline for the Dowelltown election is at noon on April 5, and the last day to register to vote is July 3.Three aldermen will be up for election in Liberty.The seats are held by Paul M. Neal, Dwight Mathis and Todd Dodd.Dwight Mathis and Paul M. Neal have picked up petitions to run for alderman.The qualifying deadline is at noon on April 5, and the last day to register to vote is July 3.The 5th and 6th Districts school board seats will also be up for election in August, and Kevin D. Hale and W.J. (Dub) Evins III have picked up petitions to qualify for the 5th district seat.Boyd Trapp and Doug Stephens have picked up petitions for the job in the 6th district.The qualifying deadline is at noon on April 5 and the last day to register to vote is July 3.