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Estes accused of robbing man, beating him with his own cane
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Jimmy Layne Estes, 39, was recently charged with robbery by city police after he allegedly hit another man on the head, struck him with his own cane, and stole $45 from him. Estes also faces charges of public intoxication and possession of drugs and paraphernalia in a case from two weeks earlier.


According the arrest warrant, Corporal Travis Bryant was dispatched on March 26 to investigate reports of a robbery on West Broad Street. Upon arrival the corporal met with the victim, who said he was at home on West Broad Street when he answered the door to an unknown male. After the victim opened the door, police said Estes grabbed the victim’s phone and threw it out into the yard.


Estes then allegedly struck the victim in the head and took about $45 cash from his wallet. According to police, Estes also took away the man's cane and struck him with it. The victim reportedly gave a description of the suspect, and police located Estes, who told police he had been with his aunt all day, in the vicinity of the robbery a short time later.


A search revealed about $43 concealed in Estes’ underwear. The victim allegedly identified Estes at the police department after his arrest.


His bond on the robbery charge was set at $5,000, and he will appear in court on April 16.


Estes was also charged with public intoxication and cited for simple possession of a Schedule III drug and possession of drug paraphernalia on March 8.


Police said a person approached Officer Matt Farmer to report that a man wearing a red hoodie, who appeared to be intoxicated, was walking on South Mountain Street. The officer reportedly found Estes walking down the sidewalk, weaving from side to side. The warrant said he appeared to be having trouble keeping his balance. His speech was slurred, and his eyes were red and watery.


When asked if he had been drinking or had taken anything to impair him, Estes allegedly replied that he had smoked a joint earlier. When asked if he was carrying anything illegal, Estes reportedly told the officer that he had two syringes in his pocket.


Police said Estes produced the syringes, placing them on the hood of the patrol car. When the officer asked him to empty his pockets, Estes reportedly produced a black straw containing residue, along with a white Ibuprofen bottle containing a partial orange pill, and said it was his Subutex pill. He could not provide a prescription for the pill, and was placed under arrest.


His bond was set at $1,500 and he will appear in court to answer the charges on April 23.


Meanwhile, Thomas Lynn "Hunter" Rains, 20, was taken into custody for evading arrest, and was cited for speeding, failure to stop at a traffic control device (stop sign) and reckless endangerment after a March 9 incident. Police said Patrolman Will Judkins was traveling north on South Congress Boulevard when he spotted a Ford Mustang traveling at 53 mph in a 30 mph zone.


When the patrolman turned around and activated his emergency lights in an effort to stop the vehicle, the driver of the Mustang turned west on East Bryant Street and failed to observe the four-way stop at College Street. The policeman then activated his siren as well, but the Mustang proceeded to run more stop signs, gaining more speed and distance. He allegedly turned south onto South Mountain Street, west on Kendra Drive, north on Georgia Lane, east on Miller Road, north on Anthony Avenue, west on West Broad Street, and north on Duncan Lane in an apparent effort to elude the officer.


At that time the patrolman reportedly lost sight of the car and terminated the pursuit, but continued searching for the Mustang. He later located the vehicle sitting in the road on Coo-Coo Lane. When the patrolman spoke with the driver, who he found to be Rains, he reportedly said he had run from the officer because he was scared. Rains was then placed under arrest. The reckless endangerment charge came as a result of Rains having a 17-year-old passenger in his vehicle.


His bond was set at $1,500, and he will appear in court on April 23.


Paul Andrew Hall, 51, was charged with the domestic assault of his stepson on March 8. According to the warrant, Corporal Travis Bryant responded to a report of a domestic dispute between a stepfather and stepson at a South College Street residence and spoke with Hall, who said he had been in a verbal argument with his wife.


Hall's stepson reportedly told the officer that he came out of his room to try and calm the situation. Paul then allegedly grabbed him by the neck and began pushing him back. The corporal observed marks on the stepson's neck, and his face was swollen where he had been struck.


He also observed a cut to Paul's forehead, and the man told him that his stepson had hit him first. The wife, however, said Paul pushed the juvenile first. Paul was placed under arrest.


His bond was set at $2,500.


Ray Franklin Vincent, 18, is charged with assault on March 8.


According to police reports, Sergeant Travis Bryant was dispatched to investigate reports of an assault at Village Place Apartments. While en route, the officer was advised by dispatch that the suspect had left the scene in a gray car.


At the intersection of College and Main, he reportedly spotted a vehicle matching the description given. When he stopped the car and spoke with Vincent, he was reportedly told that he had just been in a physical altercation at his girlfriend's home.


The alleged victim was located, and reportedly told police that he was sitting in his car with Vincent's ex-girlfriend when Vincent opened the door, pulled him out, and attacked him. Another woman allegedly attempted to pull Vincent off the victim, and the suspect reportedly kicked her in the face and struck her in the stomach.


His bond was set at $2,500.


Stephanie A. Murphy, 41, has been charged with public intoxication. Police said Patrolman Will Judkins was dispatched to check out reports of a gray Nissan Xterra being driven erratically on West Broad Street. He was reportedly advised that the SUV had pulled into the parking lot of Smithville BP.


The officer stopped at the location to check the driver’s welfare, and found Murphy behind the wheel. She was reportedly unsteady on her feet, and had slurred speech. Murphy, was asked to perform field sobriety tasks, and said she had taken several Oxycodone pills.


Her bond was set at $1,500, and she will appear in court on April 23.


Marty Brad Tallent, 48, was charged with resist, stop, halt, frisk, arrest, or search and disorderly conduct on March 23.


Police said Sergeant Brad Tatrow found Tallent walking down the middle of the roadway into oncoming traffic with a guitar over his shoulder. Traffic had reportedly stopped and backed up behind him.


Tatrow said he stopped and ordered Tallent to get out of the roadway, but the man refused to comply with the verbal commands and turned toward the officer. Sergeant Tatrow continued to ask Tallent to stop, but he kept advancing and reportedly appeared to be aggressive.


When it appeared that Tallent was not going to stop, the officer said he feared that he was going to be struck with the guitar, and used his taser.


His bond was set at $2,000, and he will appear in court on April 9.


Johnny Lynn DeVault, 31, was charged with violation of bond conditions on March 19.


His arrest warrant said that Sergeant Brad Tatrow received information that DeVault was at his mother’s Miller Road home, and that the woman has an active "no contact" bond condition against him. The sergeant found that DeVault was there with his mother, which violates his bond condition.


His bond was set at $2,500, and he will appear in court on April 9.


Andreas B. Allen, 47, of Sparta was charged with criminal impersonation on March 3.


Police said Lieutenant Detective Matt Holmes responded to a report that a man was harassing an employee at McDonalds. The manager reportedly told the officer that a man there was harassing an employee, the detective was allegedly told that that the man had been there several times before, and that he had been asked to leave the property.


Sheriff's Department Detective Jeremy Taylor advised Holmes prior to his arrival that he had observed the man acting suspiciously, and that he had been walking through the woods and hiding behind the dumpsters at McDonalds. Upon Holmes' arrival, Detective Taylor advised him that he had seen the man's vehicle pull out of the McDonald's parking lot and head southbound on South Congress Boulevard.


When the car was stopped at the Food Lion parking lot, the officer reportedly asked a passenger in the vehicle for his identification. The man allegedly said that he did not have an ID but told police that his name was Steven Allen, and that his birthday was December 1, 1976.


Officers later learned that the man’s name was Andreas B. Allen, that he had lied about his identity, and that his actual birth date is March 12, 1968. Allen reportedly told police that he lied about his name because he feared there might be warrants against him.


His bond was set at $1,500.