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Federal Mogul to move jobs
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Federal Mogul could lose nearly 200 jobs by this time next year, according to an official with the company.While rumors that plant might move entirely to Mexico, taking 900 jobs across the border, have proven to be false, some jobs will go south, and some will move back to Asia.Federal Mogul representative Jim Burke told the Southern Standard recently that some jobs created here by flooding in Thailand are expected to return overseas within the next few months, and some jobs will simply be moved to plants in Mexico. According to Burke, the automotive giant does not plan to leave Smithville entirely, however, and plans call for the majority of jobs here to be retained.“We did notify our employees that we will be moving some of our work to other facilities, but relative to the entire workforce in Smithville, it’s only a small amount,” Burke said.Approximately 100-125 jobs will relocate to Mexico, and an additional 60-70 jobs will move back to Asia.The transition will not be complete for almost a year, and the Smithville plant will still employ about 700 people.“Due to flooding in Thailand, we moved some of that work to Smithville for a period of time,” Burke said. “That move was never expected to be permanent.