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First quarter campaign spending reported
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The local candidates’ reports on campaign spending for the first quarter of 2014 are in. People seeking political offices in DeKalb County were required by state law to file financial disclosure statements by April 10.In the race for county mayor, incumbent Mike Foster spent $1,606 of his $2,950 fund, while challenger Tim Stribling spent $1,867.67 of his $2,500 balance, and Chris Bratcher spent nothing, and reports nothing in his account.In the sheriff’s race, incumbent Patrick Ray spent $1,062.59 of his $2,000 fund, challenger Michael Agee spent $1,182.74 of the $1,357 in his account, and Larry Flair saw $6,196.53 in expenditures from his $7,550 fund.In the race for the general sessions judge seat, incumbent Butch Cook spent $5,780.88 of his $7,162 campaign fund, while Margie Rigsby Miller spent $7,785 out of a $8,016.77 balance and Mingy Bryant spent none of her $25 fund in the first quarter.The road supervisor’s race saw Jimmy Sprague spend $409 of a $409 balance in the first quarter, while opponent Butch Agee parted with $3,777.27 of his $4,800 fund.The county clerk’s race saw incumbent Mike Clayborn spend $1,842.72 of his $2,500 fund, while challenger Jimmy Poss reported disbursing $6,136.53 of a $6,439.38 fund in the first quarter. As a lone candidate for circuit court clerk, incumbent Katherine Pack reported spending $280 of her $700 fund.Unopposed in the trustee’s race, Sean Driver reported spending $555.87, with no money in his fund.Johnathon Norris, candidate for 4th District county commissioner, spent $1,561.76 of a $2,000 fund.Many candidates for the county commission and school board offices have chosen to file non-disclosure statements, a form that is allowed under TCA 2-10-101.