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Grant funding available for historic preservation projects
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NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Historical Commission, the State Historic Preservation Office, announced today that grant applications for the Historic Preservation Fund will be accepted beginning Nov. 1. Total awarded funding is expected to reach $250,000. The grants will be made from a portion of Tennessee’s share of the Federal Historic Preservation Fund.


The selection process will favor projects based on the preservation plan ‘A Future for the Past: A Comprehensive plan for historic preservation in Tennessee’. The selection process will emphasize projects such as architectural and archaeological surveys, design guidelines for historic districts, and restoration of historic buildings that are listed in the National Register and have a public use. Priority areas will include those experiencing rapid growth and development, threats to cultural resources, areas where there are gaps in knowledge regarding cultural resources, and communities that participate in the Certified Local Government program.


For proposed survey projects, the projects should identify and record historic districts, sites, buildings, structures and objects significant to Tennessee’s history and built before 1967. Surveys may be for a specific geographic area or for sites associated with themes or events significant in the state’s history, such as the development of railroads in the 19th century or post World War II residential development. Preservation plans for towns, neighborhoods and historic districts and the preparation of nominations to the National Register of Historic Places are other areas for possible grant funding. In addition to the restoration of buildings, predevelopment work necessary to undertake rehabilitation is an acceptable area for a grant. Restoration of historic buildings must follow the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.


Grantees will be reimbursed up to 60 percent of the costs of approved project work. The remaining 40 percent must be provided by the grantee. Applications for the federally funded matching grants will be available online at or by contacting the Tennessee Historical Commission at 2941 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37214. For further information, call (615) 532-1550. Completed applications must be received by Jan. 31, 2017.