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Hair color controversy
DCHS student sent home from class
Nicole Fultz was sent home from DCHS because her hair color, shown at left, was deemed a violation of the school's dress code. She has since changed her hair color, shown at right, and was readmitted to school.
For the most part, the start of a new school year comes with the expectation of more reading, writing and arithmetic.For one local student, it was DCHS’s dress code policy that presented an unexpected consequence as she was sent home after three days of class for the color of her hair.Some parents are taking umbrage with the DeKalb County High School’s dress code policy, or more precisely in the way it is being enforced.‘My eldest daughter, Nicole, was kicked out of school because of her hair color. She has had the same rich red color for the last few years of high school without an issue,” said Sara Fultz “The point that I want to make is that my daughter is an A-B student, in honors classes, taking college courses in her junior year of high school. She doesn’t goof off and she keeps to herself.