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Hawker honored for 13-year perfect attendance record
Over 600,000 dollars in scholarship money awarded at DCHS
cole hawker w sm.jpg
HAWKER - photo by Photo by Reed Vanderpool
Awards day at DCHS last Thursday morning saw a special award presented to graduating senior Cole Hawker.Hawker was recognized for thirteen years of perfect attendance from 1998 to 2011.Thirty nine DCHS students were honored for having met all requirements for the Tennessee Scholars Program.Students who graduate as Tennessee Scholars have to maintain good academic, disciplinary, and attendance standards over their high school career, as well as doing volunteer work in the community.Janney & Associates provided Tennessee Scholars Medals to the following hard-working graduates:Clark Adcock, Taylor Baumgard, Keeli Bullard, Wesley Burchfield, Britney Campbell, Elicia Cantrell, Alisha Chapman, Logan Clark, Kelly Cubbins, Kylie Dildine, Brady Evans, Justin France, Crystelle Furnival, Katie Frazier, MaKenzie Gibson, Kayla Hershman, Jessica Hodges, Felicia Ingram, Tyler Kent, Cameron Lester, Samantha Lewis, Mercedes Luna, Brittany Malone, Shelby Maynard, Tia Menix, Kristen Mick, Shelby Mulloy, Heather Owens, Olivia Norton, Kerry Page, Taylor Poss, Allen Roysden, Tyler Seymour, Devin Thomas, Justin Turner, Vickey Vickers, Martha Webb, Camry White, and Quincie Winchester.Nearly $600,000 in scholarships were awarded to 43 members of the Class of 2011 during the program.Representatives of colleges, universities, branches of the armed services, businesses, civic groups, and other organizations made the presentations.Dillion Brown will receive a scholarship totaling $130,000 for his enlistment in the United States Air Force.Mitch Young was presented an award of $100,000 for his enlistment in the United States Air National Guard, and a U.S. Navy scholarship for $63,000 went to John Counts.Martha Webb and Elicia Cantrell received two of the largest college scholarships.Maryville College presented Webb a $60,000 package, and Cantrell received a scholarship in the amount of $52,000 from Charleston Southern University.Other scholarship award recipients were: Clark Adcock: Agee Oil- $1,500, Anthony Duane Trapp Memorial- $1,000, DeKalb Firefighters- $500, DeKalb Soil Conservation District- $500Jessica Alderman: Liberty State Bank- $1,000Caleb Bain: Love-Cantrell Funeral Home- $500Dillion Brown: USAF Enlistment- $130,000Wesley Burchfield: Smithville Rotary- $750Tyler Caldwell: Cumberland University- $18,200, David Wayne Alexander Memorial- $1,000Britney Campbell: DCHS Beta Club-$500, Tennessee Tech Academic Service- $10,000, Tennessee Tech Phi Delta Kappa- $500Elicia Cantrell: Charleston Southern University- $52,000, DeKalb Democratic Party- $500, Jolly Angels- $1,000, Love-Cantrell Funeral Home- $500Jessica Cantrell: Amvets Auxiliary- $250Logan Clark: Cumberland University- $10,500, Jeff Garrett Memorial- $500John Counts: U.S. Navy- $63,000Kelly Cubbins: Smithville Business & Professional Women's Club- $500Ethan Duke: CIC Foundation- $10,800, Tennessee Tech Golden Eagle Excellence- $10,000Brady Evans: DeKalb Fire Fighters- $500, DTC McAllen Foutch Memorial- $8,000, Jolly Angels- $1,000, Tennessee Tech University Avo Anderson Memorial- $1,000, Tennessee Tech University Golden Eagle Excellence- $10,000, Tennessee Tech University Tommy Burks Memorial-$750Dalton Fish: Leadership DeKalb- $750Katie Frazier: DeKalb Farmers Coop- $500, DeKalb Funeral Chapel- $500, Eddie Crips Memorial-$1,000, Forever Friends Scholarship- $1,500Nick Hale: Rotary Math Award- $100, Tennessee Tech University Golden Eagle Excellence- $10,000Randall Hansard: BASF Scholarship- $20,000, Kyle & Kenny Robinson Memorial- $1,000Cole Hawker: CIC Foundation- $10,800Rachel Hendrixson: Smithville Rotary- $750Jessica Hodges: Dailey & Vincent-$2,000, DeKalb Community Hospital- $500, Ditcharo & Johnson Orthodontics-$500, Jolly Angels- $1,000, Smithville Business & Professional Women's Club-$500Dane Holeton: Amvets- $250Nioakah Johnson: Jolly Angels-$1,000, Tennessee Tech Golden Eagle Excellence- $10,000Cameron Lester: Scottish Rite- $1,000Samantha Lewis: DeKalb Retired Teachers- $750Brittany Malone: Class of 1966- $500, DeKalb Funeral Chapel- $500, Kyle & Kenny Robinson Memorial- $1,000Shelby Mulloy:, Elzie & Nell McBride Scholarship- $500Olivia Norton: Jolly Angels- $1,000, Mentor Scholarship- $5,000, Smithville Women's Club- $500, DCHS Student Council Scholarship- $500Heather Owens: Mentor Scholarship-$5,000Weston Rhody: Class of 1969- $250Dylan Roller: Crowley's Ridge College- $2,200Shane Salley: Roane State Athletic- $7,000Tyler Seymour: Mentor Scholarship- $5,000Devin Thomas: Clay Edwards Memorial Tiger Pride- $500, Lucille Stewart Memorial- $8,000Zach Vantrease: DeKalb PTO- $300, Tennessee Tech University Alumni- $4,000Trent Vickers: Dailey & Vincent- $2,000Vickey Vickers: DeKalb Retired Teachers- $750, FCCLA- $200, Tennessee Tech University W. Clyde & Marie Hyder Scholarship- $1,000, Doyle & Melford Stone Smith Scholarship- $750, Lucille Stewart Memorial- $8,000Martha Webb: Maryville College- $60,000, Smithville Rotary- $750Camry White: DeKalb Republican Women- $500, First Bank- $500Michael Whitefield: Rotary Vocation Award- $100Destry Wiggins: Alan Hooper Memorial- $500Roane State Athletic- $7,000Quincie Winchester: CIC Foundation- $10,800, Liberty State Bank- $1,000Mitch Young: USNG Enlistment- $100,000