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High-quality H20
DCUD cuts ribbon on one of top water facilities in Tennessee
Everything about the DeKalb County new water plant is high tech. From having central control like technician Josh Cunningham does here to creating its own chlorine, the facility is one of only seven like it in the state of Tennessee.
The DeKalb County Utility District made the opening of its new Superpulsator water-treatment facility official with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and the presentation of a 50-year milestone award.Grown into a state-of-the-art facility, the DeKalb Utility District’s water program began with humble beginnings in a small office in the courthouse. Now, with over 400 miles of lines, the facility is one of only seven Superpulsator-type operations in the state.The Superpulsator Clarifier combines basic chemical principles and proven clarification technology in a high-rate, solids contact clarifier that offers maximum efficiency. The unique design combines flocculation and clarification functions in one basin for optimal use of space.