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Hitting the road in an economical way
BizInc Camper Front
Its probably not your grandparents idea of camping, but todays lightweight bumper-pull campers have spacious interiors using slide outs to provide greater space.
Cedar City RV – 3205 Nashville Hwy – 615-215-8650 – Well, I’ve taken the big step of moving down the road into a full-time RV living situation, and the folks at Cedar City RV made the trip an easy one with their outstanding service and full line of recreational vehicles at reasonable price points. Already having a mental picture of what I wanted, I visited the Smithville location of Cedar City RV and met up with sales manager Shon Wampler Friday to get the nitty gritty on how to go about outfitting myself with a new home. “Our business specializes in bumper-pull campers,” Wampler said.