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Hospital treats first snakebite of season
Man bitten by rattler in Chapman Hollow
snake foot w sm.jpg
Clevengers ankle after the bite. Although the ankle is healing, he says it is still very painful.
If you are going to be spending time outdoors in DeKalb County in the next few weeks, Tony Clevenger would advise you to watch out for rattlesnakes.Clevenger was bitten by a rattler last week in Chapman Hollow while attempting to clean out a ditch.The snake only managed to sink one fang into the man’s ankle, while the other apparently struck his shoe.Clevenger says that it has been a very painful experience.“ It hurts,” Clevenger told the Review. “ It is still swelled and painful, but the day that it happened it was just out of this world the way the thing hurt.”He said that rather than wait for an ambulance, he had a neighbor drive him to the hospital in his truck.Clevenger was the first person treated at DeKalb Community Hospital for a snake bite this year, compared to seven last year.“They are really crawling down here in this area,” Clevenger said. “Four other snakes were spotted last week in the same vicinity.”