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Hull hailed as hero
Hull citizen hero
Duane Sherrill photo Chief Donny Green, right, confers the Citizen Hero award to Bobby Hull as Courtney Nichols is there to show her appreciation for quick actions that may have saved her life when her car crashed over a cliff earlier this year. Members of the county commission gave a standing ovation during the presentation.
Citing an open window on a cold March evening as the difference between life and death for a teen-age whose car had plunged over a cliff, leaving her hanging upside down in the wreckage, local residence Bobby Hull was heralded as a hero Tuesday night as he was conferred the Citizen Hero Award during the meeting of the DeKalb County Commission. “Bobby Hull is a true hero because God allowed him to make a decision to act on something that didn’t seem normal,” said DeKalb Fire Chief Donny Green in giving the award. “Without his action, it is most likely no one would have heard or seen Courtney’s car until it was too late.”