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Interim UCDD director resigns from position
Carwile w sm
The Upper Cumberland Development District continues to be a thorn in the side of some local officials, and the recent resignation of interim director Earl Carwile has only thrown more fuel on the fire.The newest controversy at UCDD came as Carwile announced that he was resigning the position last Thursday.In a caustic resignation letter to the UCDD Board, Carwile raised concerns over attorney bills, pay raises, and former UCDD grant writer Amanda Mainord.“In taking responsibility for an agency that has received much negative publicity,” read the letter, “it should be the intentions of the board to be transparent and provide financial security to an agency that has been so negatively impacted by poor fiscal management. However, in last week's meeting, it is clear that the board has no intention of following through with that will. Instead, a vote was taken to give Amanda Mainord, former UCDD employee, administration dollars for work that she completed while being employed at the Development District, dollars that total $135,000.”Carwile also mentioned the large attorney bill the agency recently received, and how he has been criticized for authorizing raises.