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Jail to have video visitation installed
New system may link to courthouse
patrick ray uniform w sm
The county commission gave Sheriff Patrick Ray the go-ahead last week to have video equipment from Securus Technologies installed at the county jail at no cost to the county.The county is now contracted with Securus for the telephone service that inmates use on a pay-per-call basis to phone relatives from the jail.Accounts are established between Securus and the family of the incarcerated.Securus pays a commission to the county for the privilege of providing the service."We have a contract with Securus Technologies for our inmate phone service,” Ray said. “They have been our service provider for many years. We sat down with them two or three months ago and talked about video visitation for the inmates at the jail so that the inmates can stay in the cell and not have to be transferred to a different part of the jail for the visitation.