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Joe Black Effort removes dogs from pound
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Members of the Joe Black Effort transported all the animals from the city shelter Friday. - photo by Photo by: Reed Vanderpool
In their quest to end the euthanization of animals at the city animal shelter, members of the Joe Black Effort have reached a temporary agreement with city officials to accept all animals that the shelter takes in into their program.The Joe Black Effort coordinates with local veterinarians and private citizens to care for abandoned animals.The organization attempts to find homes for the animals and to save them from the unpleasant alternative.Effort members acquired a key to the shelter Friday, and transported all the animals to veterinary clinics and foster homes.“Our intent was not to undermine our city authorities and certainly not to condemn or hurt the present caretakers of the pound,” Joe Black member Rene’ Stufano said in an email over the weekend. “I believe they were contracted to be there 40 hours a week, which isn't nearly enough time to properly care for the facility. There are 168 hours in a week, which leaves the pound unattended for 128 hours a week.”Mayor Jimmy Poss and city officials are seeking a permanent solution to the dilemma, and while the city has neither the time nor the resources to operate a “no kill” shelter on its own, many hope that some sort of permanent partnership with the Joe Black Effort can be formed.“I just want to find a satisfactory solution for everybody,” Poss said.All parties involved seem to agree that while there is no actual wrongdoing at the pound, the outdated facility is in need of attention.“I’ll go along with whatever’s right,” said David Summers, the current caretaker at the shelter.“I believe the city thought it was being taken care of,” Stufano said in her email.