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Lakeside sale to be finalized
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COLLINS - photo by Photo by Reed Vanderpool
According to Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency Executive Director Luke Collins, the agency hopes to finalize the sale of Lakeside Resort to the Brentwood Arts Society this month.“Feb. 6 is the date that we hope it will close, but it may be a little later into February,” said Collins told the county commission last week.A deal was reached between the UCHRA and BAS in April, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approved of the non-profit Brentwood Arts Society assuming the land lease last fall.Rural Development has approved a loan to Brentwood Arts to purchase the property.The BAS is operating the resort for a $5,000 per month until the deal is finalized.Lakeside Resort, a 139-acre facility on Center Hill Lake located just off of the Cookeville Highway, has been a financial thorn in UCHRA’s side, failing to be self-supporting and unable to service the debt on the $1.6 million note against the property.Collins told the commission that the acquisition by BAS should bring more educational activities and jobs to DeKalb County.“I think the change will be a win-win for everybody,” Collins said. “I think the Brentwood Arts Society will bring more activities to Smithville and DeKalb County and more opportunities because that's more of what they do. They are specialized in doing those things and I think they would be a better suited organization to manage Lakeside.“We are primarily into social services.