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Lice claim leads to arrest
Royce Foster
A man has been charged with public intoxication after he showed up at the jail claiming someone had covered him in lice.The suspect, Royce Avon Foster, 48, was hit with the misdemeanor charge after lawmen determined he was under the influence of an intoxicant when he strolled into the sheriff’s department to report the unusual crime.“He complained that someone had put lice on him,” said Sheriff Patrick Ray of Foster’s report to officer when he presented himself at the jail to file the claim. “He said he was covered in lice and couldn’t get them off of him.”With no apparent lice infestation as the man had claimed, officers questioned him, asking him if he had been taking any drugs.“He admitted he was using meth,” the sheriff revealed, noting his admission prompted his arrest, noting he was taken into custody for his safety and the safety of the public.