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Lifeguard controversy may be revisited
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The Department of Health visited the Smithville Municipal Pool for a consultation on lifeguard requirements Friday.The controversial lifeguard situation at the pool, which has been a sore subject with city officials and golf course management of late, was thought to be settled at the May 21 meeting of the mayor and aldermen.Officials say the subject may come up again at the next council meeting on June 18, however, as the city’s contract with the pool has led to some disagreement as to how many lifeguards and exactly what pool expenses the city is obligated to pay.Part of the controversy arose when the aldermen voted last month to set the pay of the lifeguards at $7.25 per hour, and to fund a maximum of three lifeguards at 58 hours per week for the 13-week period that the pool is scheduled to be open.The measure passed on a 3-0 vote, with Alderman Steve White passing on his vote because his daughter works as a lifeguard at the pool.Alderman Gayla Hendrix was absent.About $20,000 was allocated to pay lifeguards this season, slightly more than last year.At the June 4 meeting, however, White said he misunderstood the terms of the measure, and thought that three lifeguards was be the minimum, not the maximum, that the city would pay for.“I kinda had a misunderstanding,” White told the council. "It says the pay would be $7.25, having a maximum of three lifeguards. I don't feel like that three is nowhere near enough to cover that pool.