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Mae Beavers says UT Knoxville being disingenous regarding decision to reinstate pride center
Mae Beavers
Mae Beavers


(June 29, 2017 – Mt. Juliet, TN) Conservative Republican Gubernatorial candidate, State Senator Mae Beavers (R- Mt. Juliet) says the Chancellor of the University of Tennessee - Knoxville, Beverly Davenport, and her team are being “disingenuous” concerning the announced plans to use taxpayer funds that previously supported the University’s Diversity Office to reinstate the campus LGBT Pride Center and hire a full time Director.




“The Chancellor has made it clear that, at the very least, she will use state funds to hire a full time Director of the LGTB Pride Center and a few other staffers. Quibbling over the whether they have announced details concerning the balance of the funds doesn't change the fact that the agenda of the Diversity Office is being restored regardless of how UT spins it. Perhaps they should call it the Duplicity Office instead of the Diversity Office.” says/421663001/




“While the Chancellor’s staff downplays their intent to restore funding for the Pride Center, the fact that there was a part-time director of the Pride Center when the funds were pulled by the Legislature, and the Chancellor now plans to fund a FULL TIME Director with taxpayer dollars makes it clear she does not appreciate the concerns that led to


the Legislature’s actions last year. She is certainly doing nothing to assure us that the same problems we experienced with the Diversity Office in the past won't be repeated, regardless of whether it is called a Diversity Office or LGBT Pride Center.,” Beavers pointed out.




Sadly, Beavers noted, the University is also ignoring the prior use of taxpayer funding for the controversial and provocative “Sex Week” that drew the ire of legislators several years ago. “The inappropriate use of direct taxpayer funding of “Sex Week” activities was stopped a few years ago; but the continued use of facilities and resources, including student fees, cannot be ignored or covered up.” Beavers went on to say, “University officials blocked direct use of taxpayer dollars in March, 2013 so it isn’t ancient history that University spokespersons and media should be ignoring or denying.” state-funding-for-sex-week/




“As I pointed out last week,” Beavers said, “as Governor I will appoint members of the University of Tennessee Board of Trustees who will insure that the values of our taxpayers and the important oversight function of the Legislature are appreciated and respected in the operation of the University. I am anxious to see if the Chancellor embraces the values of our state in leading the University of Tennessee - Knoxville or chooses to impose her values on the campus. Her plans for the Diversity Office funds may give us a clearer picture of the path she will follow.”




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