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Man accused of beating uncle with axe handle


City Police arrested Devin French, 29, and charged him with aggravated domestic assault on March 25 for allegedly attacking his uncle with an axe handle.


According to the arrest warrant, Corporal Chip Avera and Officer Lance Dillard were dispatched to City Walk Apartments to investigate reports of a man being beaten. While en route to the scene, central dispatch informed the officers that the alleged victim and his attacker had left the apartment complex together in a white truck.


Officer Dillard soon located the vehicle in question and spoke to the suspected victim, who was bleeding from the face and head, the man reportedly said that he had been beaten up, and thought that his nephew, French, may have done it. French, the driver of the truck, allegedly told the officers that a group of people had attacked the victim, and that he had attempted to help.


The warrant said that French had blood on his hands, pants, and shoes, and that police also found blood on the tailgate and in the bed of the truck, as well as a wooden axe handle in the bed with blood on it. Upon questioning French’s girlfriend, police were reportedly told that she was riding in the truck with French and his uncle when the two men got into an argument. When they arrived at the apartments, French allegedly began beating the other man.


An anonymous 911 caller reportedly revealed that French had been bragging about beating someone up. French was determined to be the primary aggressor, and was placed under arrest. His bond was set at $5,000, and he will appear in court on April 23.