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Man accused of robbing mailbox
Micah Murphy  w sm
A 37-year-old local man is accused of stealing a check from a mailbox, forging his name on the document, and depositing it into his own bank account.According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, Samuel Malachi Murphy faces charges of forgery and theft of property over $500 after allegedly stealing a $733 personal check from a mailbox on Highway 56 S, changing the name on the check to his own, and then depositing the check into his own account at Regions Bank.Ray said Murphy withdrew the money from the account the next day. His bond was set at $10,000, and he will appear in court on Dec. 19.Meanwhile, Jesse Rita Leaf, 32, was charged with domestic assault on Dec.12. The sheriff said Leaf assaulted her sister by cursing her and punching her several times about the face and head with her fist, causing bruising to her face and a swollen lip.