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Man arrested for beating mower with hammer
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A Howard Redmon Road man was arrested on May 27 after an apparent property-line dispute resulted in charges of assault and vandalism.According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, 59-year-old Jimmy Corbett Corder was charged after hitting his neighbor and his lawn mower with a hammer.Ray said a deputy dispatched to investigate reports of a man assaulting his neighbor talked with Corder’s neighbor, who told the deputy that Corder had hit him with a hammer while beating his mower.Corder allegedly blocked the mower in with his vehicle while the neighbor was mowing a disputed property line.He reportedly began striking the man’s mower with a hammer, hitting the neighbor in the process.The mower reportedly suffered less than $500 in damage, and Corder was charged with simple assault and vandalism under $500.His bond was set at $3,000, and he will appear in court on June 6.