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Man dies after fall from bluff
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Rescuers work to remove Myron Tidwell from the scene after he fell from a bluff on his farm last week.
Myron Tidwell, 60. died Thursday afternoon after falling from a small cliff on his farm near the Cannon-DeKalb county line in the Half Acre community.According to rescue workers, Tidwell was marking his property by tying orange ribbons to trees along the property line when he slipped and fell nearly 20 feet off a bluff.Both Johnson Town Road and Ferrell Road end at the property, and officials are still unsure if the incident took place in Cannon or DeKalb County.Tidwell suffered a head injury in the fall, and was pronounced dead at the scene.After central dispatch in Dekalb County received the call at 12:58 p.m., DeKalb Emergency Management Agency Coordinator Charlie Parker, members of both counties’ sheriff's departments, first responders, rescue squads and EMS rushed to the scene.Tidwell, a Chatanooga resident who had purchased the farm in February, was still alive when rescuers reached the scene, but succumbed to his injuries before workers could extract him from the scene.A Vanderbilt LifeFlight chopper was was stationed near Short Mountain School Elementary to transport the victim, but his body was ultimately taken by EMS to DeKalb County Hospital.