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Man disables car with axe
Closes womans hand in door
Ketchum w sm
The sheriff's department arrested a 39-year-old man and charged him with aggravated assault after he allegedly flattened the tires and broke the windows out of a vehicle before closing the door on a woman’s hand.According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, Cecil McKinley Ketchum was charged after a deputy was called to Ketchum’s Dedmon Hollow Road home in Liberty on March 28.Upon arrival at the residence, the officer reportedly found a vehicle with broken windows and three flat tires. Ketchum and a woman were reportedly inside the home, engaged in a verbal argument.Ketchum allegedly told the deputy that he disabled the vehicle with a knife and axe to keep the woman from leaving. Ray said the woman was injured when Ketchum shut one of the vehicle’s doors on her hand.